Sant Cugat del Vallès - A fantastic residential area next to Barcelona city

1340797491Sant Cugat del Vallès (see Google Maps) is one of the best residential areas next to Barcelona. It’s a city of 83.000 citizens. Why Sant Cugat is an excellent residential area? First of all is their transport connections to Barcelona city, by train or by car you can easily reach Barcelona city. Just 12 km is the distance between Sant Cugat and Barcelona city. In addition, Sant Cugat offers a lot of different leisure activities to their population (golf field, shopping streets, shopping centers, large green areas, cinemas, music centre, sports centres, Collserola’s natural park, etc.). And also some important international companies and universities are based in Sant Cugat (HP, Delphi, ESADE, CAR (High Performance Sports Center), etc). Sant Cugat is an historical town, this can be seen in his Monastery placed in the town’s center and in a XIth century farm called La Torre Negra in Collserola’s natural park. In Valldoreix there is also an important Professional Tennis School where many young players from all around the world come to become a professional player.

1340797677There are many different residential areas in the same town, where you can find different dwellings types.  Sant Cugat’s downtown is placed around the Monastery and the shopping pedestrian streets, in this area old buildings can be mainly found. Next to this area we can find La Eixample, an area which remembers the Barcelona’s city Eixample, flats with communal areas can be mainly found in this area. There is also a golf field near the town’s center. Surrounding the golf are placed the best houses of Sant Cugat, mainly detached or semi-detached houses with private garden. Mirasol and Valldoreix are old residential areas mainly with old and newly built detached houses, in the past these areas were the summer holiday areas from Barcelona city people. Most of the houses have private garden and pool. These areas are very good connected by train and motorway to Barcelona city. Vullpalleres, Parc Central and Can Mates are the newly areas in Sant Cugat, most of them have new developments with 80 Sqm flats. Most of the developments have communal areas with pool and garden.

Amat Immobiliaris have two offices in Sant Cugat, one in Valldoreix and another one near the town’s centre. We have a large commercial expertise in the area.



Appreciated your update of your area.

Liane ("Li") Read — June 28, 2012